Lekubu island

Lekubu island on the Ntwentwe pan is the setting for the region’s greatest cultural mystery. The Island is nothing more than a rocky outcrop protruding from the crusty white pan, and a number of Baobao trees make a spectacular landscape. It is beautiful in a rugged, enigmatic way made more so by the presence of puzzling relics and ruins that litter the arid hillside. the Artifacts found on the side of the lake appear to date from stone Age times, this could be over 100 000 years ago, right up to recent decades. A number of researchers have suggested that the Island may have been used for ancient rainmaker ceremonies. Human settlers could not have survived out here without water, the island was most likely inhabited when it was still surrounded by the Giant Lake Makgadikgadi, this was an indication there were many waterways to be reached by boat, with this vast amount of water, the presence of Hippo, crocodiles, and Fish this island sea.

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